Your ideal client and boundaries!

Boundaries is a topic that comes up in many of the Facebook groups that I’m in with business and even with my own coach and in my world!

Just the other day one of my good friends messaged me about a client of hers.   Her program had finished, even though it had been extended longer than the actual program was meant to be.  

Even after the program ended, she continued to email questions for her business!  This was part of a paid service, that she was still trying to access!

I helped put a script together and problem solved!

What I realised from this is that there were 2 things that were potentially not in place here:

  1.  A CRYSTAL clear about the expectations of the program
  2. Lack of understanding on the client’s part.  

In terms of no 2 – HONESTLY – some people just don’t get it!  

I know with my coach that I have my call with her, I can access her by email and if I have a very quick question I can FB message her, BUT I do not expect an answer straight away, ESPECIALLY if it’s weekend!

This happens more often than not in my own business too!   Not so much in my mentoring business or teacher training, but in my studio!

I’ll give you an example!

When I first started teaching I used to sell blocks of classes. One day a lady bought 10 classes and only used 2 of them and didn’t come back. About 18 months later, she returned and wanted to use the remaining 8 classes!


This is just one example.

And it is challenging because I do really love all my clients and want to keep them happy, but not at the expense of my own energy, happiness, or bank account!!! (Remember you’re running a business to make money!)

So you too need to set your boundaries.

Perhaps you don’t want people contacting you on the weekends or you will only answer emails at a certain time.

If you’re doing 1-2-1’s the maybe there are specific days off that you don’t want to work or maybe you only want to do mornings.


Unfortunately, there are those that “DON’T GET IT” and you need to spell things out to them and there are also people that will try and push your limit, that sadly is human nature!

Set your boundaries and stick to them. This will help your business and your life to have more integrity and less hassle! WIN – WIN!

Lots of love!

tanja xxx