You either have it or you don’t! But it doesn’t mean you can’t learn about it!

Working on computers seems to fill some people with absolute dread. 🤯. I know because Paul is one of them and can often be the cause of some heated conversation. 🙈

I often say to him that he has already told himself before he has sat down on the computer that he can’t do it! And I do truly believe that!

Why do I know that? Paul also does all our YouTube stuff, google SEO, and lots of other things which I don’t know how to do – but because he has been interested in it – he has taken the time to learn it! 🤓

I know for some people things come a bit harder – but if you want to grow your business and make a fabulous profit – then learning the tech is something you are just going to have to do – with a positive mindset.


People always say “easy for you” and I half agree. I do have a knack for computers, but not because I have the skill or the brains – I just look at all the buttons on the screen and play with it. I’m not scared I’m going to break something.

When I first started, I made my own website – and that took me hours, sometimes I’d be up until 2 or 3am trying to figure out HTML coding and back then websites weren’t as simple as they are now! Does that sound like “easy for you”? 🙈 🤯 😵

No, it’s not. And trust me I have clicked on buttons and lost all my work too!

It happens, but still doesn’t mean you have to be scared of it!

For many people that I have coached before and some that I assist under other coaches, the one thing that crops up is all the tech stuff.

I have said this before to teachers and coaching clients – THE WHOLE WORLD IS ONLINE and if you want to grow your business (whether that’s face-to-face classes or online) YOUR BUSINESS HAS TO BE ONLINE.

It’s taken me HOURS, ENERGY, and LOTS OF MONEY to learn the skills that I have, as I’ve always invested in courses or mentors to help me.

BUT what I do want to do is make your life easier! The quicker you can grasp the tech stuff, the quicker it’s going to become second nature and easier for you and then you can focus on doing all the stuff you LOVE. 💜

Once you start earning enough, then you can start paying someone else to do it – as I have!

With this in mind – I’ve created a Mailerlite Mastery Course to set up your email marketing strategy and to build your audience AND I’ve created Facebook Marketing For Complete Beginners and this shows you step-by-step HOW to set up a business page and how to use the paid services of Facebook to help grow your business! 🙌 👏

I’ve created these in video format so that you can literally follow along step by step and I’m delighted to be able to offer these as part of my two mentoring packages.

It’s up to you whether you want to do this the hard way or the easy way.

Rewind 6 years ago – I ONLY WISH I HAD THESE HANDED TO ME IN A PACAKGE. I’ve spent hours on youtube and google trying to figure it all and nearly stabbing a pen through my computer screen! LOL yes told you… I’ve been there too!

We are so lucky to be in a world where we have everything at our fingertips.

🤜    Learn a new skill.

🤜   Grow Your Business.

🤜   Simples!

Have a fabulous Day!