Everyone has a story…

Let me tell you mine

Who is Tanja?

Things haven’t always been as great as they are now.  

 Going back nearly 10 years ago, no one least of all me could have EVER imagined I would be here right now.

 My journey to where I am today started when I decided to leave my role as a Police Officer in the Devon & Cornwall Constabulary after suffering with PTSD. At the same time Paul (my husband) was made redundant from the police.

It was the start of one of the worst times of our lives!  Fast forward a few years.  We found a studio.  Nearly lost our house.  In debt up to our eyeballs and nearly lost our house and both received CCJ’s for not being able to pay our bills.

Paul struggled to find a decent job and spent several months working 12 hr night shift at a horrendous place – BUT it paid the mortgage so he did what he had to do!

We invested every penny we had into renovating an old building into our Pilates and Yoga studio – hence the debt….. however at no point during any of this did I ever think or feel “What if this doesn’t work”. 

Pilates Studio Before Photo

There was no other way – IT HAD TO WORK – our home depended on it.  It’s amazing what you can achieve when you’re on the brink of losing everything!

So running a business wasn’t too hard, but I really struggled to get clients through the door.  I have no issue keeping them – but attracting them to my business was a challenge.  In my head I believed “if I’m good enough then people will come to me” and sadly that’s not the case! 

No matter how good you are – YOU STILL NEED TO MARKET YOUR BUSINESS.

 I was fortunate to come across some coaching specially for fitness professionals.  I joined up – not having a penny in my bank account.  Deep inside I KNEW that I needed to do this.  I did whatever I could to make sure the money was in my account when it came to paying for the coaching.  It was robbing Peter to pay Paul. 

 And that was the beginning of where we are now.

I joined up for 12 months and I was then asked to join the team as a coach.  I jumped at the chance to help other people just like me. I continued to have my own coaching to ensure my own business kept growing and growing.

Our business went from £900 to over 6 figures in 3 years.   I now have 3 business (our Pilates and yoga studio, Pilates & Yoga Teacher Training and my business coaching), which I use the same formula for and no matter what business you have the formula works.

I continued to coach for about a year and decided to leave the coaching as I wanted to dedicate more time to my own businesses and family.  

However, I see so many teachers struggling and it really isn’t necessary.   Once you know how to market your business you can get clients like clockwork!  BUT like anything it takes time to learn and investment in yourself and your business.

Had I known then what I know now I would have saved hundreds of pounds on website, business cards and flyers!  

My mission is to provide you with the skills to help you to grow your business and become a successful business owner, create a life you want to live and do more of the things that bring you pleasure!

After several years of grafting and working hard – we are now reaping the rewards of all the previous heart ache, trials and challenges.

Using all the techniques I teach; I was able to help Paul to leave his job and join me in the business.   He works about 10 hours per week on average – obviously when we have teacher training, we do work a few extra weekends.  

For me I teach 6 classes a week and the rest are covered either by Paul or other staff.   I have several assistants that do most of my admin and I get to do the parts of the business that I love.  This allows us to spend afternoons and evenings together with our dogs and friends and in our hot tub!

Now this isn’t to brag …. I honestly don’t believe that I am anything special or more deserving than anyone else.  However, I am a worker and I made a commitment to learning how to build a successful business and invested over £40 000 in courses and coaching programs and I still have a coach! I remember back in the day I’d be up until early hours of the morning trying to build a website!

I never ever want to be in that place we were in before when we nearly lost everything and I will do whatever it takes to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

You too can achieve whatever you REALLY want.  Is it more time with your family, is it more income you’re after?  No matter what your goals are – YOU CAN DO IT!

I won’t lie.  It’s not easy and there are days you just want to throw the towel in.  BUT the love, effort and time you put into your business, with the right guidance, WILL BE WORTH IT.

I look forward to joining this journey with you!

All my love

Tanja x

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