By the time you’ve completed your Kickstart Programme with us you’ll know how to get the best clients through the door and earn a consistent and easy income month on month!

All the modules in the Kickstart Programme have been designed so that you can work through the programme resources in your own time and at your own pace.  This will provide you with an opportunity to go through this training, without feeling overwhelmed and there is no time limit to how long you have access to these courses! 

And here’s how we’ll do that  …..

The Facebook Marketing for Beginners will help you create a Facebook Business Page and show you how to create posts that will stand out and how to use their paid service at a minimum cost!    I will also show you how to track your spending so that you don’t waste your money or know when to add more money if your adverts is doing well!


The Email Marketing & Mailerlite Mastery course is designed to help you automate much of your business and build a relationship with your potential clients.  Once you have completed the course, you’ll know how to set up email and how to schedule them so that you can save yourself plenty of time and hassle!


Both these courses have been designed with technophobes in mind so the content is easy to follow and will give you step-by-step HOW TO instructional videos to help speed up your learning curve.


The exciting part starts with my signature program Get More Clients, Make More Money where you’ll learn my 7 Step R&R Formula to Getting Fully Booked so that you know who you want to work with and how to get your marketing to stand out in the noise!   I’ll be teaching you how to price and offer your services so that you can begin to earn a regular monthly income – no more guessing how much you’re going to make each month!


I also know that along the way you will come up against negative self-beliefs and I know this because I have been there!   There is also training to show you how to identify these and how to work through these sabotaging behaviours so that you can continue to grow your business with more ease and flow.


The only thing between you and a successful business is the knowledge, and now it’s at your fingertips ready for you to jump in and start creating the business you dream of!

Get More Clients Make More Money

Facebook Marketing for Beginners

Mastering Mailerlite for Beginners

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Success Stories

"My coaching sessions with Tanja were pivotal in me moving forward in my new business when she was my coach a few years back. I had no idea how to get out there and promote myself which she was a wizard at helping me with. Even when I came up with mindset roadblocks as to why I couldn't do something or get something I wanted, she was brilliant at helping me see there were always different ways of doing things. She's professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy and really good fun to work with. I highly recommend her!"

Emma Gosling, Transformation Coach & Hypnotherapist

"I was experiencing a few teething issues with my business when I first started. My biggest problem was a major sense of imposter syndrome! Especially when there seemed to be a lot of other instructors out there who seemed really qualified and I was newly qualified and a bit daunted about starting up. Tanja was such a support to me. She spent time on a one to one basis talking me through why I was feeling this way and boosting my confidence. She really helped me get my mindset sorted that yes, there are others out there, but my business is unique and there would be plenty of clients out there for me too.

Working with Tanja has been such a delight. It's like having your own personal cheerleader who has your back every step of the way. It's hugely helpful to work with someone who is in the same industry and who totally gets your issues and challenges but also really knows her stuff. She is most definitely a marketing genius. I've put into action many of her tips and they have worked a dream.

I'm now so happy and confident with the way my business is running that I have decided to give up my employed role and focus solely on being self employed and helping my business thrive. Thank you Tanja for being such a huge support and giving me and my business the boost it needed."
Leanne Fennell, Pilates Teacher

"Before I started to work with Tanja, I had some clients but wasn't really making any money.  I didn't really have any clue of how to get a consistent flow of clients.  I was going around in circles and I felt so frustrated.  I was nervous about getting coaching, but I knew I needed help, I knew there was supposed to be more to running a business than just being able to pay my bills.  

It was the best thing I've ever done, after working with Tanja for just a few months I septupled my profit.  Tanja gave me support, direction, knowledge and a gentle push to get me out of the rut I was in and get me making more money!  I was finally able to take my family away for a holiday!

Working with Tanja was so easy.  She's very supportive and holds you accountable, so that you take the action that's needed, because to create something new in your business you need to take different action to what you're taking now!!

I'll always be grateful to Tanja for her help, it transformed my business and life!"

Louise Howard, Holistic and Mindset Coach

"Before I started to work with Tanja I had no clue how to run my business.  I didn't know how to get clients for my  1-2-1 training sessions and I felt lost with what to do.  I knew Tanja would be the best person to ask for help.  She was running her business successfully and it became clear to me that she had the right knowledge and experience that I was lacking.  Tanja made a marketing strategy plan for my business that helped generate consistent leads.

I tripled my income within a couple of weeks working withe her and learned how to stay in control of my finances.  Her monthly action plan helped me to stay focused and pushed me to work harder to achieve my financial goals.

Kasia Romanowicz, Personal Trainer 

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