If you’ve got children you might remember that phase they went through where they’d keep asking Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Or perhaps you remember being that child!

As humans our brains pretty much stay the same, but because our parents would get so annoyed at us for asking “WHY?”

We’ve stopped expressing that curiosity in everything around us.

WHY is important when it comes to choosing the exercises / poses you plan on using in your lesson plans.

WHY was important when you decided whether or not to do your teacher training.

WHY is important when you decide there’s something you want to achieve for example run a marathon or have a successful business.

One of the first things I ask people that want to do their teacher training is WHY do they want to become a teacher?

If their WHY is not strong enough then I always suggest they wait a bit.

I have found from experience that people that go on to do their teacher training when they weren’t sure in the first place, either end up not using their qualifications or not being a very good teacher – BECAUSE THERE’S NO PASSION!

And no matter how good your training is – if there’s no passion or fire – people will know it and it’ll be a struggle to grow your business.

And when I mean passion I mean your love for the subject, whether you choose to teach or not.

Think of instances in your own life.

Ever been on a course where you could tell someone just LOVED their subject and how their eyes lit up when they were teaching compared to someone who was just doing it because it was part of their job description.

Getting your qualification isn’t easy. It does take work and effort and doing some things that will make you feel really uncomfortable.

BUT….. when you think of WHY you want to do it, it’s your WHY to keep moving forward.

Same as running a marathon. If you’re training for a charity or it’s on your bucket list, you’re more likely to stick with the training and doing your miles because there’s passion in your heart to keep going. You’re doing it FOR something or someone else.

We love working with people that have that strong WHY. They are passionate about pilates or yoga and some of them really want to help other people.

This leads to running a business.

Yes our businesses are successful and bla blab la, BUT I have been in tears some nights, I’ve been up until all hours of the morning making a website and then losing it!

When I first started teaching, I was still part-time in the police and sometimes I’d finish at 7 am after a night shift and then teach at 09:30 and another class afterward.

There were times when we had hardly any food because we invested EVERYTHING we had to renovate a run-down old building into the beautiful space that we have now where we run our studio classes and teacher training.

🤜  But at no point did I ever think of giving up.


Because my WHY was so strong that I’d had no other choice but to keep pushing forward.

I had a family relying on me.

Paul (my husband) lost his job too so we HAD to make this work or go find a JOB, and there was no way I was going to do that!

But one thing I can promise you is that when you have achieved your goal THERE IS NO BETTER FEELING IN THE WORLD.

If I knew then what I know now, I would probably still be in the Police, as it was absolutely crazy what we did! However, now that I’m on this side of it….

👉  I would do it all over again because we are now very fortunate to have a pretty cool life!

So my question to you today is this….

WHY did YOU want to become a teacher ❓  What is driving you (or not) to grow your business ❓…. What motivates you (or not) ❓

I’d love for you to share your WHY with me – whether that’s in the comments or a private message.

I do love connecting with you all!

From my heart to yours!