Here’s the recording for Mailerlite – how to set it up, how to create emails,
automated emails, sign up forms etc….
AND the best part is that it’s FREE, up to 1000 subscribers, and for those that are
new in business – you can also get a free website!
After being a MailChimp fan for many years! I am converted!

Email Marketing Mailerlite with Tanja FOY (Elite Pilates Teacher Training)


Elite Pilates Teacher Tanja Foy … Video Transcript


“so welcome to this training today and um we better switch over from facebook onto here anyhow these things are sent to teach us patience right so today’s training is going to be about mailer light which is a autoresponder and it does lots of other things as well so in the past i’ve spoken a lot about mailchimp which is the one that i’ve always used for the last six years up till now and i absolutely love mailchimp but i just have found over the years it’s becoming more and more harder to use and that includes facebook when it comes to all the adverts and it’s um becoming more expensive you’re not getting as much free stuff or you’ve got to be paying a lot more for some of the services that you used to get as part of the package with mailchimp and um so recently joined another coaching program and this was up for discussion in one of the days and mail a light pop-up so i thought i would check it out since so many people hi kelly so so many people have um switched over so what i’m going to do is i’m going to take you through my melee light and just show you how it works now for those of you that have got mailchimp i’ve got something um to offer you towards the end um or if you’re new to mailerlite this can still work for you but i’ll speak to you about that at the end so let’s get started now what i love about mailerlite is it is so user-friendly it’s really smooth


lovely so when you join mailerlite um so if you just go to you’ll be able to open an account for yourself now when you open an account you can then put in your website and your email address to verify it so i’ve just done that so i’ve actually opened two accounts one account is for my studio and one account is for teacher training and profit with pilates and mailerlite is free up till a thousand subscribers so just by me switching over from my lead pages which i also used because mailchimp only offered you one signup form per audience mailerlite you can have as many as you want so very similar to how leadpages was so just by switching to melee lights i’m already saving 100 a month uh not having to pay for all those other subscriptions so that to me is like a super big bonus right so once you log into melee light so let’s first go through like why do you need melee lights and what’s the purpose of it so male and light or an autoresponder is there to help you grow your audience and to build a relationship with your audience so let’s say for example you’ve got um 20 people that want to come to a beginner’s class but um they’re not sure when um uh they’re not sure if now’s the right time or they want to might do it in six months time you can then carry on emailing these people teaching them about pilates teaching them about yoga and offering them good valuable content that’s going to help them to let them know who you are to get them a taste of what you like and how you work and once people can grow that no like and trust factor they’re more likely to buy from you.


so the whole purpose of having mailchimp or melee likes number one is to grow your list it’s called a list i don’t quite like it i think it’s nicer to say like grow your audience or something um there are people at the end of those email addresses so you want to grow your audience and then you can carry on marketing to them and then let’s say perhaps you’re going to do a two-hour plotters workshop then you’ve got all these people in your audience that you can send the email to and say oh i’m doing a workshop on saturday and you can then offer them a space in that workshop so that’s one aspect the other aspect is automation now the more you can automate in your business the more time you’re going to save the more money you’re going to save the more stress you’re going to save so for me a lot of the stuff that i do is like how can i automate it how can i get the computer to do something for me that i don’t really want to sit and have to do myself so i’m always trying to think of ways that i can um work that so mailerlite same as mailchimp you can set up a series of emails so when you do your facebook adverts and you put a link on there and i’m going to go through that stuff i’m going to create to sign up for everything on here right now so you can see how it works and how easy it is so once you sign up make a form and you put that link on facebook and people register for your free taster once that name comes onto the list you can then send out an automatic email which you have already set up okay so like with everything you’ve got to put in a little bit of work in the beginning or sometimes a lot of work um to get it all set up but once it’s set up you don’t have to do that again unless you want to change some of the content in the email so i will show you how we’ll go through that now and then you can be setting up reminders you can be setting up um faqs so the kind of content that you will put in these i might probably do another um training and i’m just looking for a pen and paper because i thought i’ll write that down

sorry i thought oh that’s a good idea so we’ll do i’ll do some more training with that so let’s get started so the first thing if you’ve got mailchimp and you are going across it’s exactly the same you’re just going to export clients so when you go to your mailchimp account and you go and i can’t show you because i’ve shut all my mountains down uh you can export your audience so it’ll download a file and then once you come on here you upload the file so let’s just go through the top so the dashboard this is your home screen um campaigns

is like one of emails that you’ve set up so this i’m on the free thing i haven’t paid for um any services and i don’t need to yet until i reach a thousand so campaign is like one of emails that you are sending out so subscribers so this is what we’re gonna do first so if you already have some emails set up on mailchimp i would add your subscribers first to this otherwise if you set up your emails first and then you add your subscribers they’ll end up getting those emails again okay so do your your subscribers first so in this thing so once i’ve clicked on subscribers you’re going to go to so that’s all your subscribers you’re gonna go to groups

now from here you can create your list of people so if you have had mailchimp before this is the same as mailchimp this is your audiences okay so these are my audience and it’s quite nice to switch over because i’ve managed to have a big clear out of everything and i’ve got rid of about 2 000 inactive subscribers so it’s been a nice clear out for me as well so the website opt-ins so that is people that have looked at my website and signed up for whatever i’ve got on offer there and let’s see our systems is all brand new so i’m still switching everything over free yoga tasters free pilates tasters studio members i’ve got my seven day introduction to yin yoga and seven day introduction to pilates course so i’ve just decided to keep these um all the other subscribers i had on like i said probably about 2 000 that i’ve just deleted because i wanted fresh stuff on here because some of those names i hadn’t flocked six years ago so um so these are your your groups they call them and then i don’t really worry about those things so if you’ve exported from mailchimp you’re gonna click on create group um as an example create

and there it is so to rename it you can just click on that one and to edit it you just click on edit

sometimes it can be a bit slow when you’re on recording there we go

so now to add your subscribers you’re going to click on

and i add really got um

anything to add so you would then add this file onto here and then click import and then what you’ll get is you’ll need to just like put first so you’ll get all your clients details you just need to link first name email just so that the system knows what those details are and then that is how you add your um subscribers to this so if you haven’t got mailchimp and you’re not using anything like that you won’t need to add subscribers unless you have a bunch of email addresses from your clients or something like that so perhaps you knew start collecting your clients email addresses straight away so that you can get them onto a database so on my par queues on my health forms i’ll ask people do you want to be on my database where i send out videos or free offers or whatever and then they can put yes or no but you also want to have a list of all your clients that are currently active with you and you might even want to make a list of old clients

so i’m just going to go back to the dashboard

so um go back to this one sometimes things can be a little bit slow when

we record the screen

and then if you want to delete it you just click on there and that little bin over there except so easy compared to um mailchimp so like with the website opt-ins because i want to keep track of how good my opt-ins are this is why i have a separate one for my website um at the moment i haven’t got anything such a bad teacher right so let’s go to forms so forms is like a landing page a sign up form so anything where you put your name in so i’m just going to show you this one a sip of tea while you load

so this is a sign of form so this is the one that i just have on my website um but the link that you get for this you can use it on your facebook so if you’re writing a facebook advert remember the name the words on the sign up form need to reflect what’s on your adverts you don’t want to have two different wording otherwise your clients will have a disconnect so people put their name and their email in there okay so i just want to show you what that looks like and let’s go and build one so let me go back into here

so when you click on your forms you’re going to go to create embedded form give it a name so test save and continue

i was so excited when i started playing with us easily pleased so now what you need to tell that form is what group of people is this form for what audience is this for what subscribers so because i was talking about the website opt-ins let’s say this is for the website opt-in so we’re going to click on that one you might have you might be creating a form and you want people to go on two lists so you might want to put them on the studio members one and something else so the nice thing about this is you can choose more than one audience again mailchimp you couldn’t do that it was a pain in the neck um sometimes you wanted to send a letter out and you couldn’t only send it to one audience you’d have to duplicate the whole thing whereas now you get to just add however many so let’s just say we’re going to choose the website opt-in so remember this is the form where people put their name and the email in when they put their email in in it’s going to go to this audience this website opt-in audience


now you don’t need to make these complicated because they don’t need to be like rocket science so your signup form needs to have like