What should you focus on?

I absolutely get it 😬

You’re new to running classes (or perhaps you’ve been doing it a year or two), BUT you still feel so overwhelmed as there’s always SO much to do. 🤯

So what should your main focus be in order to build your business❓

Remember the faster your grow your business, the quicker you can start to outsource some of those time consuming jobs or anything you hate doing.  🕺

Here’s 3 things you should have as your main focus:


I have made this mistake soooo many times.   As soon as my numbers are high I stop marketing.  And then the next thing is I’m running around for more clients.    

Now my adverts are constantly running.  Sometimes I increase my budget and sometimes I just have them on a drip feed BUT there’s ALWAYS adverts running.


➡️ No one likes crap service.

➡️  Get to know people’s NAMES.  You will not believe how valued that makes people feel!

➡️ Good admin response times – but have boundaries.  I have had clients messaging on FB at 5am!!  That’s a NO NO!

➡️ I send new clients a welcome card

➡️ I send birthday cards

➡️ I send anniversary cards

➡️ I send “thinking of you / sympathy card”

➡️ Every now and again I”ll give someone a free class or a free massage

➡️ I will make sure that when I’m teaching I have spent some time during that session with each of the clients in my class – It might be that I’ve just stood next to them and not spoken directly with them, but I’ve made eye contact and I’ve given THEM my energy for those few minutes.

➡️ I don’t believe the customer is always right and in fact many a time clients have complained and they got it wrong.  BE RESPECTFUL but firm.

These are just a few things I do to make myself stand out from other teachers. 💜


People will know when you’re not passionate about what you do.   Educate yourself.  Go to your own classes and make sure you have your own practice as it will give you lots of ideas to keep your classes fresh and exciting.

There have been times where I’ve lost my mojo, we all do at some point.   I pay other teachers to teach so that my clients get the best service, even if it means I need to take a step back. 


Record everything you do.

Create templates to save you time.

Try and get as much of your business automated as possible.  It will save you LOTS of TIME, ENERGY & MONEY


Get a good accountant / bookkeeper who will make sure you’re doing it right and get your ready for expansion!  

There’s nothing more depressing than finding out 6 months AFTER you’ve hit the VAT threshold that you owe thousands of pounds because your accountant wasn’t ontop of it

So really if you can focus on these things – all those smaller things will naturally slot into place or not even be that important.

Know what your goals are everyday work towards them 🙂

Lots of love

Tanja xxx