A life with no problems……If only it were that simple!!!

I think as humans we think that there’s something wrong with us when we’re faced with a challenge or we fall into victim mode aka “Why me?”……

It’s quite normal to get all flustered and break out into sweaty armpits when we’re faced with a problem.

In business, this can range from cashflow to staff issues, to customer service, to shitty customers, and everything else….

AND you know what – THAT IS LIFE.

Problems will never go away.

It doesn’t’ matter how successful you become THERE ARE ALWAYS GOING TO BE PROBLEMS.

However, as you grow and you can afford to take on a manager – your manager will take some of those responsibilities off your shoulders.

I’ve got staff that deals with customers for two reasons. One because I don’t want to be dealing with emails all day and having someone else deal with it keeps the negativity away from me BUT also – it stops me having to have any confrontation with a client so that our relationship is preserved, which is really important since I am the face of my business.

The good thing is ……

As your business grows – your problems will change!

So when you start to notice different challenges arising guess what?

It’s time to celebrate! 🕺

Your business is moving to the next level!

And I will be honest the more successful you become the easier the problems are to deal with – in my opinion.

Or maybe it’s not that they are easier it’s that I have learned how to deal with the challenges better and to be more responsive rather than reactive!

I’ve also learned to delegate more to my team so that I don’t have to carry everything on my shoulders…..

👉Being a business owner is not easy.

👉You will cry.

👉You will want to throw in the towel.

👉You will want to punch a hole in your computer screen.

👉You will argue with your spouse.


When you start seeing the fruits of your labour and you see that amazing life that you are creating for you and your family AND how your business is helping other people to have a better life …..

THEN all that other stuff just disappears.

You forget all about it.

Sometimes I sit back and reflect on my journey (which is very important to do by the way)…..

And I’m amazed at how I got here. 🤩

I’m amazed and how I got through all the challenges we’ve faced. 🤩

And I look at our beautiful studio that has had our blood, sweat and tears poured into it and it’s all been absolutely worth it and I love what we have. 💜

Start to think of problems as challenges and lessons from the Universe.

Maybe you’ve had clients asking for refunds because your Terms and Conditions need to be made clearer or your instructors are trying to steal your clients because you haven’t got a contract in place…. (and they will still try! – that’s for another post!)….

When you start to look at it from a place of “What is the lesson here”, you’ll be able to deal with the challenges from a different state of mind and made better decisions.

Keep going!

Lots of love